Indibaat® is conjured to play the key role of communication by hearing the stories, ideologies and therewith valuing social communities, family members and relations. We are so imbibed in the virtual age of communication that we often forget to talk to people one to one.

We bring you, stories, tales, dialogues, talks and narratives coming directly from the hearts of Indian people. Directed towards the ideology of people sharing their stories which may be of their passions, secret ambitions, love, grandmother’s traditional recipes, about their parenthood, life journey’s or growing up with siblings. It is a collective to initiate the lost, one to one verbal conversations, human interactions and the nostalgia that is brought by those memories, making their bonds stronger and more special.

आओ हम इन खूबसूरत पालो को एक याद की तरह नहीं बल्कि इनके महत्व्व और मीठी कहानियो के साथ पहचान दें |

I urge all of you to come and talk about our stories ... वो कहते है ना, बात करेंगे तो बात बनेगी...


Namaste, I'm Nitin; an indigenous storyteller with a mission to impact individuals by using innovation as a medium. An alumnus of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, and specialized in entrepreneurship from the University of Maryland, USA. I've15+ years of work experience in the areas of product design, eCommerce & community building.

Presently working on making gifting simplified for all Indian relations and occasions. As a Co-founder/CEO of Indigifts® (Indibni® Pvt Ltd), along with my team, we have made it India's biggest Online Gifting brand with 25K+ products. Touched the lives of nearly 3M+ people and processed 1M+ Orders to customers from 250+ locations in 10+ Countries since 2017.

I've been working beyond business activities and contribute to a positive societal impact through diverse community engagements via Indibni's CSR arm Indifamily® Foundation. Pehla Sukh® - India Wellness Movement is aimed to educate 5M Indians for holistic wellness & sustainable lifestyle by the year 2025.

Conversations, Movies, Mountains, Vipassana, Wellness are a few of my interest areas. I love to interact with people for experience sharing & collaborative opportunities.


Season 4 | Kalyaan